Art and Design


Many garden designers have been interested in how nature and symmetry work with each other. In Bodnant Gardens near Conwy the hard symmetry of buildings is softened by the waterlilies in the pond and the uneven trees behind. Like lots of gardens, Bodnant has areas that are symmetrical that make a contrast with other areas that are wilder.

You can see a line or ‘axis’ of symmetry down the front of the building. There is symmetry on another axis too. If you imagine seeing it from above, in plan, the line of symmetry runs down the middle of the pond and through the building. The photograph of the pond at night is a reminder that the designer was interested in another symmetry as well – the reflection in the water.

Other famous gardens in Wales where symmetry of plan is important include: Erddig near Wrexham, Dyffryn near Cardiff, Powys Castle near Welshpool, Cowbridge Physic Garden, Alexandra Gardens in Cathays Park in Cardiff and the National Botanic Garden of Wales. You may know parks or gardens near you that have some symmetrical parts.


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