Art and Design

Abstract Painting

Abstract painters often have a special interest in compositional balance. One of the most interesting current abstract artists is Carol Robertson who studied at Cardiff College of Art. She is fascinated by geometrical forms. Her paintings have circles, arcs, squares, triangles or star shapes. She finds shapes a good way of beginning a painting because she can make a start without thinking of all the other possible ideas. Shapes have meanings for her, for example the circle makes her think of the universe and completeness and time going on for ever.

Most of her paintings have a lot of symmetry that make them feel balanced, like some traditional patchwork quilts. She nearly always uses square canvases. Her geometrical shapes are painted very accurately, but she gives them stained backgrounds for a softer effect.

Can you identify the lines of symmetry in her paintings?

You can find more of her work on ArtUK.