Art and Design

Drawing to Scale

Falcon Hildred has made hundreds of careful drawings and paintings to record old buildings that were falling down. He likes old buildings because they tell him how people lived their lives. He captures all the detail he can.

These drawings of a row of seven houses for slate quarry families at Blaenau Ffestiniog are so full of information that you could rebuild them. He measured everything and drew it to scale.

Drawing No.1 shows the whole row at scale 1:200, so 200cm in the real houses is 1cm in the drawing. In the middle is a plan looking down through the roof. On the left he shows the ground floor with stone slabs and on the right he shows the upstairs with wooden floorboards. You can read his measurements in millimetres between points he has marked. For example, you can see the back wall is 610mm thick. In cottage number 7 you can find his measurement of the inside of the house – 5,540mm front to back and 4,120mm side to side. You could measure this in your classroom to imagine what it was like for families to live in these small houses.

Drawing No.2 shows the inside of a house at scale 1:100, so 100cm in the house is 1cm in the drawing. In the same drawing, the close-up details of a cupboard at the bottom are 1:5, so 5cm in reality is 1cm in the drawing.


You can look at more drawings and photographs of the houses on the Coflein website. You can also see other subjects recorded by Falcon Hildred.